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4 Major Categories Of Car Insurance


The type of insurance policy you have is written in detail right in the declaration page so make sure that you have taken the time to read and understand it to know the exact coverage you have. It will be a smart move as well if you will go through your policy and see to it that you don't have overlapping items similar to rental insurance. Oftentimes, this is covered on the credit card agreement so you may just be wasting money to have it. Keep in mind that you can upgrade your insurance and also, cancel it whenever you feel to.


In reality, there are a number of people who are asking the question on what does Grapevine Auto Insurance really cover. The answer to this question will depend on the policy and the plan that you are going to buy whether you believe it or not. But to put it simply, there are just 4 major categories of protection that can be chosen.


Number 1. Liability insurance - this is covering the injuries to other party, property damages and damage to other cars in a collision or accident. If you have a car that isn't worth that much and you're not driving it often, it makes sense if you will get liability insurance. It's a cheaper alternative compared to buying comprehensive insurance with the pricing starts for as low as 29 dollars in some states for good drivers.


Number 2. Collision insurance - this is going to pay for the medical costs and damages pertaining to you. As a matter of fact, if your car is new and is worth more than 12000 dollars, it is smart to get such.


Number 3. Comprehensive insurance - this is basically the gold standard of coverage as this kind of car insurance policy at will cost you more but, provides wide varieties of protection. It coincides with collision and repair or replace your car for events that caused loss or damage, not relating to a vehicular accident. In other words, if your car is stolen, you'll be protected and have it replaced for the current worth it has in the market. In addition to that, weather related damages done to your car will be covered. Some of the common examples of these are animal incidents, fires, flooding and such.


Number 4. Uninsured motorists insurance - whether you like it or not, there are other motorists who are driving without proper insurance. Buying this kind of car insurance is going to protect you from lawless drivers. In relation to this matter, if you ever find yourself in an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance, you will still be insured depending on the limits of policy you have bought.